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Quail Belt

Quail Belt

The classic game belt, updated.

Color: Rye Brown
Size: Large Size Guides

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Product Features

  • Classic game belt with thoughtful refinements
  • Waxed shelter cloth pockets with nylon lining
  • Full-grain leather belt and solid brass hardware
  • Adjusts front and back for proper pocket alignment
  • Removable rear pocket
  • Sizes: M (28-36") L (38-46") XL (44-52")
  • Imported from the Caribbean


The Classic Game Belt, Updated.

The Quail Belt is a classic three-pouch hunting belt, with two shell pockets on either side, a handy large game pocket in the rear, solid brass belt buckles, and a heavy-duty full-grain leather belt. We drew on countless hours in the field to incorporate a few modest changes to this classic hunting belt setup. Most notably, our Quail Belt unbuckles in both the front and back, allowing you to adjust its overall length while keeping both of the side shell pockets on the side of your hips. The rear game pouch unsnaps and can be removed completely, allowing easy access to the rear buckle and the convenience of a two-pocket setup on the sporting clays range.

All of the pockets are constructed from the same waxed shelter cloth as our proven outerwear. They each have a snapped flap closure and are lined with nylon on the interior. The two shell pockets incorporate a second flap stud inside the pocket, so the flap can be stowed out of your way as the action heats up. The rear game pouch has a bottom zipper so you can easily dump its contents and clean the interior. The belt itself is made from a heavy-duty version of our exclusive U.S. origin, vegetable retanned leather. This pull-up leather develops a rich, unique patina with wear. The belt features five holes in the front and five in the rear, providing for a wide range of adjustment.

Sizes: Medium - 28” to 36” | Large - 38” to 46” | XL - 44” to 52” PLEASE NOTE: Like our Leather Belts, all sizes are measured to the center hole. To determine the correct size of a belt, take your normal waist size in pants and add 2” (for example, a 34 waist will wear a size 36 belt)."

Care Instructions

Your product's thin waxed coating resists liquids and makes it relatively easy to clean. Waxed cotton should not be machine washed or dry cleaned and should be kept away from hot water and harsh detergents that will remove the wax coating. When spots occur, use a damp rag or soft bristle brush to gently buff out the stained area. If spots are particularly stubborn, use a castile soap and rinse with lukewarm water. Re-wax the area and hang to air dry in a warm place.

Generally, rinse dirt and debris by hand with cold water and air dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Do not use artificial heat to dry, expose to open flames, or hang on radiators.


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