We spent years searching for a classic jacket that was functional in the field and the city. When we couldn’t find one that we liked, we decided to make our own. Since designing that first Tensaw Jacket in 2015, we’ve continued to draw inspiration from our natural setting to produce classic outdoor equipment with time-tested, rugged materials.


Tom Beckbe’s roots can be traced to the rolling red clay hills and hardwood bottoms of Alabama. Borrowing from the native Choctaw itumbi ikbi, European settlers called the big river flowing south towards the coast Tombecbé. The river's name evolved alongside a local aversion to hard consonant sounds, becoming simply Tombigbee. We grew up making trips to a secluded parcel near the Tombigbee River. Those were times to connect with the outdoors and to gather with family. We fished in the heat of summer, mindful of autumn’s harvest and the cooler weather of the hunting season to follow. We honor that legacy of time in the field with each product we design.


We use every item we sell, and we don’t chase trends. We are committed to producing apparel and accessories that will work today and years from now. If you aren’t satisfied with one of our products, we’ll make it right.