Products that Wear In

Premium garments and bags are the marriage of three essential ingredients: materials, design, and construction.


We directly source only the finest fabrics and leathers, producing all materials in our apparel, bag, and accessory collections to our own unique specifications. 

The Tensaw Jacket was the first of a range of jackets we now offer for men and women in premium waxed cotton fabrics from the legendary Halley Stevensons mill in Dundee, Scotland, a certified bluesign® system partner. 

We love waxed cotton for a variety of reasons, first and foremost because of its unique character. No two pieces of outerwear are the same. Truly a living garment, waxed cotton jackets and vests develop a story and memory unique to the person wearing them. Each wear adds a layer of patina to the garment, gradually transforming it over time to a one-of-a-kind testament to the places it's been and the experiences it's had. This bond is strengthened through the sheer longevity of the garment itself, a tactile reminder through the years of all those shared memories. 

That longevity is the second reason we love waxed canvas. Our waxed garments can be reproofed easily to maintain their weatherproofing for an indefinite lifespan, unlike modern synthetic materials with a limited useful life. Reducing consumption benefits both the garment’s owner and the environment: buying better products means buying fewer consumable goods. 

Waxed cotton’s sustainability goes beyond reducing consumption. The original weatherproofing treatment, waxed cotton is naturally hydrophobic without reliance on forever chemicals. The waxes themselves are sourced directly from nature or as byproducts of industrial processes, reducing waste. And the wax is applied to fabric using processes with a low environmental impact. 

We seek out exceptional fabrics and materials beyond waxed cotton to round out our collection. For Tom Beckbe bags and accessories, we only use full-grain, American-origin leather. We also source fine shirting and layering materials from around the world, with an emphasis on using 100% cotton, wool, and natural / synthetic blends that reduce environmental impact. 


All Tom Beckbe products are designed by our creative team in Birmingham, Alabama. The natural world is our inspiration. From color palette to materials and use case, we are first and foremost an outdoor company. We focus on our customers’ needs through a rigorous process informed by our own outdoor pursuits. After all, we’re outdoorsmen too. 

We strive to balance classic aesthetics and materials with modern functionality. We do not chase trends. Our ultimate goal is to create products that are highly useful no matter where you are headed. Whether that’s a duck blind or your daily commute, you can go knowing that we’ve thought long and hard about how to make the most of your time.

Endurance is also a critical design element at Tom Beckbe. Our gear needs to work in demanding outdoor conditions, and it needs to do that for more than just a single season. That’s why we spend countless hours wear-testing products and engineering our designs for longevity. While not the least expensive way to develop products, we believe the up-front cost of getting designs right is worth the investment.


Tom Beckbe relies on outstanding manufacturing partners around the world. When a product moves from design concept to production, we look for the best possible partner to make the final product. That process always begins with searching for a suitable manufacturer in the United States. For example, every Tensaw Jacket ever produced has been made in the United States. If we cannot locate a partner domestically, we identify potential suppliers based on their reputation for product quality and fair employment practices.  

Our network of suppliers helps us maintain the highest possible manufacturing standards. All Tom Beckbe products are shipped to our Birmingham, Alabama facility upon completion of production, where they undergo quality control prior to distribution.

Lifetime Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our track record of delivering great products to our customers. We back that commitment with another: our lifetime guarantee. On the rare occasion that one of our products falls short of customer expectations, we fix it or replace it. Period.