Tom Beckbe + Wildrose

Properly trained sporting dogs enhance the outdoor experience and improve results, but their prowess in the field depends on preparation. For almost four decades, Wildrose Kennels has produced a classic "Gentleman's Gundog" of superb temperament and natural gamefinding ability—gentle in the home, dynamic in the field, and the perfect complement to any outdoor adventure. Watch as renowned trainer and founder of Wildrose International Sporting Dogs, Mike Stewart, demonstrates proven training methods for developing a Gentleman's Gundog. Based on some of the most commonly asked questions that Wildrose Kennels receives, these videos offer tools and tips for beginners and experts alike.

The Wildrose Way

Training a competent canine for the field and the home begins the moment a puppy meets its new owner. Learn the fundamentals of preparing your pup for a life of adventure and companionship “The Wildrose Way.”

A Foundational Skill

“Place Training” is an essential element of a sporting dog’s education, and incorporating it early into your lesson plan builds the subsequent curriculum for a finished dog.

Establishing the Lead

Showing up to the field with an unruly dog will all but ensure neither of you are invited back to another hunt. Instead of letting your dog handle you, learn to handle your dog.

A Bird in the Hand

To prevent a prized game bird from becoming a feathered chew toy, learn to train your gun dog “Delivery to Hand.”

The Big Bang

Acclimating a pup to the report of a firearm is a gradual and methodical process. Know how and when to properly introduce your dog to gunfire.

A Guiding Hand

Hand and whistle signals tether the handler to the dog when a lead isn’t present. Learn the art and finesse of training off-lead “Handling” to your dog.

Covering the Cover

Finished sporting dogs stay on task and hunt exactly where they’re told to hunt, especially when patterning a field for upland birds or recovering downed game in thick cover. Train your dog the skill of “Hunting Cover on Command.”

Ready and Steady

In an active sporting environment, a steady dog that honors his canine co-workers and stays on task is essential. Watch how discipline wins the day and train your dog on “Steady to Wing and Shot.”

Close Company

A dog running too far ahead or lingering too far behind can ruin a day afield. Learn the importance of “Keeping the Dog in Range.”

Precision-Guided Gun Dog

Well-trained sporting dogs have many tools in their arsenal, but nothing is more fundamental than a retrieve. Learn how to train your dog to hold a line and sweep an area for downed game.

“Tom Beckbe’s classic styling, function and durability are evident every day in the field at Wildrose, earning our highest endorsement.”

- Mike Stewart, Founder of Wildrose International Sporting Dogs