The Jacket That Started It All: The Tensaw

Eight years of the Tensaw Jacket elicits a bit of nostalgia around Tom Beckbe HQ. We’re many jackets beyond Tensaw No. 1, but the core DNA of the product hasn’t changed. We started with the simple goal to make a better waxed canvas jacket right here in the USA. Better to us was simple in concept but hard in execution: the jacket needed to perform in the field. It couldn’t be a pretender. And it needed to be sharp enough for everyday wear to the office and on the town.

Over the years, we’ve heard from so many of you that we hit the mark. While the company and our assortment has grown a lot, we’ll always have a soft spot for product number one. Here are a few highlights of the Tensaw we found taking a jaunt down memory lane.


First hunting trip with Tensaw Jacket No. 1. Jackets from this limited production run, labeled Lot X for “experimental,” went to friends, family, and a select group of early adopters.


Garden & Gun selects the Tensaw Jacket as “Editor’s Choice” for best new field gear. Dinner conversation turns to big dreams.


The coveted 'Pappy Van Winkle' Tensaw becomes a hot item on the secondary market.


A morning quail hunt with Rev. Gates Shaw, as seen through the lens of William Hereford, captures the fullest expression of the sporting lifestyle that we celebrate as a company.


Our first collaboration with the legendary Wildrose Kennels, a series of intro level video courses with Mike Stewart and the great Deke.


The Tensaw gets a new paint job with the introduction of our Classic Camo and the elusive Fox Red.


Finally a place to call home: the opening of our flagship store in Birmingham, Alabama created a space where customers could try every possible permutation of Tensaw in one place.


The introduction of our new women’s Blakeley Jacket gave the Tensaw a suitable companion.

2023 & Beyond:

The evolution of the Tensaw continues with new colors and limited edition collaborations on the horizon.

Cheers to many more years.

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