The Strategist: What Food & Wine Editor Hunter Lewis Can’t Live Without

"The Tom Beckbe brand started in Alabama, and it’s a funny story. This guy was a lawyer, and I saw him at a Christmas party four years ago, where he told me, “I have this jacket I’m going to start making,” and I said, “Yeah, right.” And then I saw the first iteration of his jacket, and it blew me away. They’re very heavy waxed jackets that are great for bird hunting and shotgun shells and are totally rain-resistant. The inside lining is dyed in industrial waters with Alabama red clay so there’s a sense of place, too. I also don’t like wearing things everyone else has on. I see your waxed Barbour jacket on the streets of NYC and Washington, D.C. and raise you a Tom Beckbe."

Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket