How to Rewax Your Tom Beckbe Jacket

Throughout the life of a waxed garment, it may need to be touched up with reproofing wax, a process called “reproofing” or “rewaxing.” Depending on how often the garment is worn and how hard it is used, most folks will be able to enjoy their Tom Beckbe waxed canvas jackets and vests for two to three autumns and winters before a rewaxing is necessary. That said, reproofing your garment yearly is the best way to maintain its weatherproofing even if not generally necessary.

Fortunately, the signs that your Tom Beckbe jacket or vest needs to be rewaxed are easily noticed. The most obvious: a light coating of water no longer beads on the surface of the waxed cotton. This indicates that a weatherproofing treatment of wax needs to be applied. A subtler indication that it’s time to reproof is a noticeably drier hand feel, particularly in heavily worn areas and along seams or creases. In either case, reproofing should bring back the water repellency and uniform look of your jacket.

Once you’re ready to reproof your jacket, here’s our how-to guide.

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Step One:Prep your garment. Before you rewax your canvas jacket, brush dirt and debris off the jacket, then wipe it down with cool water and a sponge. Do not ever put your waxed cotton jacket in a washing machine—doing so will irrevocably damage the wax treatment. When spots occur, you can use a soft-bristle brush to gently buff out the stained area. If that doesn’t remove the stain to your satisfaction, you can spot treat the garment using a gentle castile soap and lukewarm water. Make sure your Tom Beckbe jacket is clean and dry before beginning to apply wax. Briefly hanging the jacket in the sun or gently warming it with a hairdryer prior to getting started will help the jacket absorb wax more easily.

Step Two:Prep your work area and wax. Grab a tin ofTom Beckbe reproofing wax, remove the lid, and let it stand in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes to soften the wax inside. While you are waiting on the wax to melt to liquid, prep a clean and dry work area.

Step Three:Apply wax. Using a sponge or clean rag, apply a thin layer of melted wax to the jacket’s exterior shell. Focus on particularly worn areas, seams, and dry patches. Do not wax the jacket’s interior lining or corduroy along the inside of the collar. For a uniform appearance, reproof the entire exterior of the jacket.

Step Four:Let it dry. After finishing your reproofing, place the jacket on a hanger and let it dry in a warm place. You can also gently use a hair dryer to warm the wax and help it absorb into the waxed canvas, but be careful not to apply too much heat and cause the wax to soak through into the garment’s lining. Your jacket may have a bit of excess wax on its shell after reproofing, which you can wipe away with a rag or allow to settle over time. Be mindful of this new layer of wax when sitting on leather or fine upholstery.

Congratulations, you have reproofed a waxed jacket!