Designer in Residence: Janie Bryant

Janie Bryant is looking for honesty: “A big part of costume design is giving a character authenticity and integrity. They should look natural in their clothing.” An Emmy Award-winning costume designer best known for her work on Mad Men, Deadwood, and, most recently, the Yellowstone prequels 1883 and 1923, Janie has an eye for mastering the look of a particular time and place. 

We are delighted to have Janie share her immense talents as Tom Beckbe’s Designer in Residence. In that role, Janie lends her well-tuned eye to a new collection inspired by the American West: “Tom Beckbe is such an all-American brand, so there is a kindred spirit between the brand and the work I’ve done over the years.” 

Tom Beckbe’s line of heritage-inspired apparel and accessories traces its roots to a time that Janie knows well: “Tom Beckbe works in beautiful traditional fabrics, like waxed canvas. I just designed a waxed canvas duster for Elsa in 1883, and also an amazing, dark linen frock coat for Tim McGraw’s character. Even though Tom Beckbe is a contemporary clothier, you can see where my costume design work for 1883 and Deadwood relates to their existing collection and inspires this collaboration.” 

Janie and Tom Beckbe’s connection extends beyond the clothing itself. A native of Cleveland, Tennessee, Janie left a well-worn family path in the textiles industry for the bright lights of Hollywood. Her natural Southern charm and fierce ingenuity led to a career with the biggest names in cinema. But Janie still draws from her Tennessee roots: “Tom Beckbe feels very familiar to me. And I loved the idea of bringing Tom out West, so to speak. We’re doing something different for the brand, but in a way that is completely natural and authentic to its core.” 

Tom Beckbe has new pieces designed by Janie that draw on her expertise in Western apparel. The first piece in the collection is the Chatom Jacket, a classic men’s ranch jacket constructed from waxed shelter cloth and lined with Tom Beckbe’s signature red clay. Men’s and women’s shirting, moleskin layering, leather goods, and a stunning Women’s Frock Coat are also in the collection. Join us as we head West.