Red Clay Soul: Tom Beckbe x Chris Hastings: What's Cookin'

"Let’s call this the top of the heap…  the fine folks at Tom Beckbe are spreading their wings and creating goods for not only the field, but also for the kitchen.  Their new Chef’s Knife Roll is everything you’d expect.  Absolutely top of the heap.

The Sportsmen’s Knife collection is a good start to fill it up.  They designed and manufactured the knives in collaboration with James Beard award-winning Chef Chris Hastings, owner of Birmingham, Alabama’s Hot & Hot Fish Club, and acclaimed knife maker Will Manning of Heartwood Forge in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Here’s the thing: there are ten sets of knives, and three have already been sold.  While it’s a big investment, it’s also a part of an extremely limited club.  Will Manning is no longer taking ANY orders for ANY knives.  He has a 3+ year backlog.  Needless to say that these kitchen tools are world class."