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Read: Summer 2023 Gear Review

By Eric Kallen

Summer 2023


Tom Beckbe Tidewater Fishing Shirt

When summer is here and things heat up, deciding what to wear is more than a fashion decision. Available in a variety of smart-looking colors and patterns, Tom Beckbe’s new Tidewater shirts offer plenty of good looks and so much more. UPF 30+ protection helps prevent sunburn and damage, while its lightweight, quick-drying fabric presents a comfortable fit and the performance you need when you’re out on the water. The Tidewater’s two pleated chest pockets have button enclosures that give you a place to store your sunglasses (or reading glasses for those of us who need some help tying on our flies) and they also drive home the classic look that Tom Beckbe is known for. Also available in a short-sleeve version, the Tidewater can be best described as the outdoor shirt that sits at the intersection of fashion and function. $145; Tom Beckbe.