Territory Supply: Tested: The Best Waxed Canvas Backpacks of 2024

Read: Territory Supply: Tested: The Best Waxed Canvas Backpacks of 2024

By Elisa Parhad

Waxed canvas is burly, rugged, and totally having a moment. We tested a host of waxed canvas backpacks, and these are our favorites.

Waxed canvas is hailed for its water and dirt resistance, rugged durability, and sustainability—just some of the reasons we have been cheering on the revival of this old school material. Its real beauty, however, is the way the material ages—the more you use it, the more pliable and comfortable it becomes. Cleaning the material is rarely necessary. When it gets scuffed, the product simply gains more character.

These helpful features make waxed canvas a superb material for backpacks, something that sportsmen, soldiers, sailors, and woodsmen have known for ages. Tack on the added appeal of its undeniable heritage quality and you have a product category with a cult-like following. 

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