Tail Fly Fishing Magazine: Tail Gear Guide

"This shirt harkens back to the classic, feature-rich technical fishing shirts of yesteryear that no one seems to be making anymore (Whatever happened to Ex Officio?). Solidly constructed of 90 percent Nylon with 10 percent Elastene for two-way stretch, the Angler's Shirt is comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. The fabric blend offers 30+ UV protection; moreover, the button-down collar unfolds into a standup shade to save your neck from the tropic sun. Gusseted arms provide a wide range of motion (think fly casting). Roll tabs convert the shirt to a short-sleeve (although a short-sleeve version of the shirt is available). The vented back will keep you cool while your guide shouts directions. Pleated chest pockets offer ample storage, and an additional zippered chest pocket is perfect to store a half dozen of TFFM's Perfection Leaders. Secure your sunglasses to a corded loop hanging from the breast pocket and clean the lenses with the microfiber patch that's built into the inside of the front hem. Subdued color options - dune or grey - won't spook fish - unlike a cast propelled by a three-Kalik lunch. If all this isn't enough to convince you, the shirt is damn handsome to boot."
Tom Beckbe Angler Shirt