Interview with Ledbury

In a few short weeks we will be headed up to Richmond to join our friends from Ledbury for their sixth annual Quail Hunt. We sat down with them to talk about Tom Beckbe and enjoying the great outdoors. Scroll down to see a couple excerpts. 

Ledbury Article


Let’s say we’re packing for a hunting weekend away. What are your essentials?

First I’ll load my Weekender Duffel with good bourbon. Ideally, W.L. Weller 12-year old. I’ll bring along my original Tensaw Jacket, which is still going strong, and any new items we are field testing or tinkering with. I carry a Muji notebook pretty much wherever I go to jot down notes if creativity strikes. I also like to bring along a stack of reading material, usually a healthy mix of longer and shorter forms. Right now the longer form is leaning towards classic American authors like James Salter. A pair of Tecovas Earl boots usually rounds out my wardrobe.

What’s next for Tom Beckbe? Any exciting projects in the works?

We are very excited to launch a limited edition series of jackets next week. They were developed in collaboration with an American distiller of some note. Beyond that, we are diligently working on new field-ready apparel and accessories. We plan to add more warm weather apparel in the spring. Stay tuned…