Business Insider: The 14 best waxed canvas jackets for men in 2024

Read: The 14 best waxed canvas jackets for men in 2024

By Andrew Amelinckx

Like many menswear staples, waxed canvas jackets have their roots in the nautical world. Before the invention of modern materials such as nylon and polyester, seafarers needed clothing that could prevent them from getting soaked aboard ship. They stole the idea for these jackets from the oil-coated sails they used. Waxed canvas clothing got a big boost during World War II when the British military made liberal use of the material for soldiers. Soon, waxed canvas jackets moved into the mainstream, becoming especially popular for outdoor pursuits. 

Unlike most man-made fabrics, waxed canvas only gets better with age, developing a beautiful patina over time while staying super durable. These rugged jackets are perfect for transitional weather. They do a fantastic job shedding water, and some of our picks are extra heavy for chilly spring days. We've gathered together the best men's waxed canvas and cotton jackets to keep you looking like a style maven even in inclement weather.

Tom Beckbe Piedmont Jacket

Southern outdoor brand Tom Beckbe's Piedmont Jacket is handsome and versatile. It does as well on a weekend ramble through the woods as it does for a night out with friends in the city. Made in the UK from lightweight yet resilient waxed cotton, the jacket offers a slimmer silhouette than some of the other jackets in this roundup. Even so, it's warm enough to wear in transitional weather since it's lined in a cotton fabric to keep the chill off.

Two standout features are the jacket's design, which allows for ease of movement, and its seven pockets for plenty of storage options while still remaining sleek. The Piedmont Jacket seemingly does it all.