Birmingham Home and Garden: 2021 Alabama Makers Roundup

"Drawn to function, aesthetics, and quality, as well as enduring and timeless appeal, Radcliff Menge was inspired to create his own hunting jacket when others on the market failed to meet his exacting standards. A self-professed recovering corporate attorney with deep affections for Southern culture and a love of the outdoors, Radcliff created the Tom Beckbe brand in 2015 around his signature Tensaw jacket. A derivation of the Choctaw Indian pronunciation of the famed Tombigbee River (Ratcliff spent his youth hunting the river’s shores with his grandfather), Tom Beckbe represents a sector of the outdoor apparel market that had heretofore been untapped—goods best described as American, Southern, elegant, functional, and genteel-but-not-afraid-to-get-your-hands-dirty."