The Virginia Sportsman: 10 Fall Hunting Gear Essentials

"For many, the arrival of fall means one thing: bird hunting. Tom Beckbe’s Strap Vest is essential gear for anyone heading into the field with a shotgun and a dog. Made from durable wax shelter cloth, the Strap Vest is available in two colors—classic blaze orange and a subtle rye brown. The vest’s fully lined front pockets include a snap to secure shells and other valuables, and its rear gamebag offers ample room for harvested birds. The gamebag also includes a center drain eyelet so you can easily wash out remnants from your hunt. Functional and stylish, the Strap Vest’s breathable open-back design can be worn over a shirt during the warmer months, or adjusted to wear over a hunting jacket as temperatures drop. With its classic look, durable construction and functionality, the Strap Vest is the perfect complement for any hunter this fall."