Tom Beckbe + Wildrose Kennels

The storied Wildrose Kennels is synonymous with excellence in the field. Trainers of British Labrador Retrievers for over 50 years, the team at Wildrose uses a unique system to produce the “gentleman’s gundog” — driven and biddable in the field, warm and obedient in the home. Tom Beckbe and Wildrose have been partners for six years, sharing a mutual admiration for the outdoors and sporting tradition. 

In 2020, we introduced the Fox Red Tensaw Jacket as the first product collaboration between Tom Beckbe and Wildrose. Inspired by the coats of Wildrose's distinctive Fox Red Labrador Retrievers, these limited edition Tensaw Jackets were as unique as their namesake. Limited edition Fox Red Kinsman Vests followed in 2022. And now we are pleased to re-release both the Fox Red Tensaw and the Fox Red Kinsman in limited quantities. 

Watch: Putting It All Together with Wildrose’s Tom Smith

Watch: In the Field with Wildrose’s Mike Stewart