Tenth Legion

Take a small glimpse into spring turkey hunting in lower Alabama with this ode to Col. Tom Kelly's Tenth Legion.

With thanks to Tom Kelly, Inc.
Video Transcript:

The first turkey that ever came to me on the ground did it a long time ago. I sat there with my hand shaking and my breath short; and my heart hammering so hard I could not understand why he couldn't hear it.

The last turkey that came to me had the same effect, and the day that this does not happen to me is the day that I quit. The last one that ever does come to me will call forth the same emotion that the second one did. I will sit there waiting, gun up, and heart thundering, and say to myself what I've said on every single occasion: I'm glad I live to see it one more time.

It is of course a cult, and like all cultists we tend to be fanatics. Quick to take offense, defensive to the extreme, and impatient of reason and logic. A cult that accepts novitiates carefully, rather than recruiting them. A cult whose members are mostly wet, often cold, and usually unsuccessful. We will be delighted to have you.