Recipe: Pan Roasted Pheasant with Leek Butter Sauce

We're delighted to share the Pan Roasted Pheasant with Leek Butter Sauce recipe from Elizabeth Starks & Jacob Sackett of Bovina Farm and Formentory. This recipe and others were shared during our Catskills Hunt & Dinner.

Pan Roasted Pheasant with Leek Butter Sauce

Serves 4


- 4 pheasant breasts
- 2 tsp. chopped lavender
- 6 tbsp. butter
- 1 leek
- 1 ½ cups pheasant stock, can substitute chicken
- ¾ cup dry white wine
- 1 ½ tbsp. dijon


1. Salt pheasant breasts up to 24 hours ahead. Preheat over to 400*F
2. Pat pheasant breasts dry, and season well with lavender and cracked pepper
3. Heat a cast iron pan over high heat and add olive oil. Lay the breasts in the pan, and sear both sides until golden. Add 2 tbsp. butter to the pan and baste the pheasant. Put pan in oven for ~10 minutes, until 155*F in center of breasts. Remove pan from oven and let rest.
4. Add 2 tbsp. butter to pan, toss in sliced leek and cook 2-3 minutes
5. Deglaze the pan with the stock, wine, and Dijon, and bring to boil for 10 minutes to thicken. Add in last 2 tbsp. butter and stir.
6. Serve pheasant with sauce over top. Garnish with your favorite herbs and serve with your favorite honey roasted root veg.