Lugares Finos

The place and the language may be different, but the passion for the chase is the same. Take a glimpse into chasing red stag through remote Patagonia with locals Cruz Zimmermann and Quique del Campo, and hear about what keeps drawing them back to the edge of civilization.

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Video Transcript:

I think it is often false for one to say they are in ‘the middle of nowhere’. This is the middle of nowhere.

Down in Patagonia, we primarily hunt red stag and wild boar. It is incredible to hunt the animals as we do. We do not use tree stands or wait in blinds. We stalk the animals we hunt. We must get close to them. We hear them bellow. The feeling is hard to describe, but very addicting. 

It is a lot of work to bring these animals back. We must carry them in from the middle of nowhere. But we make use of the meat and it must be this way, always. It is not a sport. Sometimes we win, sometimes they win. If we are lucky enough to win, we have food to eat and must make advantage of it.

We are two hours from the nearest town and my friends cannot believe I travel so much only to return again. We were born here. We would not change it for anything in the world.