Low and Slow

Keith Smith has spent more than 50 years training gun dogs and chasing quail through the gently rolling pines of South Carolina. A native of Allendale, Keith has been managing Butterfield Plantation along the Savannah River for two years. Recently brought back into the original owner’s family, Butterfield’s main house and dependencies have been undergoing extensive renovation. Keith, with the help of his two sons, has been leading the renaissance of Butterfield’s habitat. They have employed active forest management to create sustainable, diverse habitat, particularly for quail. Their efforts have not gone unrewarded. This past February we were lucky enough to join Keith, Butterfield’s owners, and a host of other folks as we enjoyed the best that South Carolina has to offer: great food, great fellowship, and unforgettable memories in the field. Ride along as Keith shows us what makes this part of the world special.

Video Transcript:

What's good about living in the low country is life slows down. We have space, everybody knows everybody, and it's just a great, great fellowship.

The feeling of the hunt is like the sun rising. You get this feeling: what we gonna see and do today? It’s gonna be different. And nature's all around you, and any time of the day just stop and looking at things that most people don't ever get to see.

The outdoors teach us that we really aren’t in control. People want to be in control of everything, but when you come here you're not. It's a great way to live. Go back in time and slow down, enjoy the hunt, enjoy the friends with you, and enjoy telling the story.