Flooded Timber

Travel along as we take an epic trip through the flooded timber of Arkansas.

Video Transcript:

If that didn't get your blood pumping you know to go get checked out because something's wrong.

Every time I'm in the outdoors I'm in my element. That's where I'm at my best, and I feel like it was in all of our blood. I feel like it was in our grandfather's blood, my dad's blood and we all live, love it, breathe it. That's our life, it's a passion. 

The preparation, the brushing the blinds, the getting the house ready. Getting all your gear together is probably just as much enjoyment as being out there in the timber hole with your family or friends. 

I heard my grandfather talk about stories from when he was a kid and it all goes back to people that he was with, whether  it was family or friends. The camaraderie is what made those memories and what made those stories carry on.

He kind of lives and breathes it like I do. It means a lot to me, sharing a passion like duck hunting and having a dog, it's the best. 

Just, it doesn't get any better than duck hunting. It’s my happiness. Slow pace, country life southern style. Take it easy.