Culinary Collection

Items for the adventurous chef.


The Chef

Chris Hastings

Tom Beckbe's foray into the culinary world began after a December quail hunt. Chris Hastings, the James Beard Award winning chef and co-owner of Birmingham's Hot & Hot Fish Club, prepared lunch for a group of weary sportsmen. Chris lamented the impracticality of his current knife roll, and Tom Beckbe founder Radcliff Menge offered to help create a new one. Following Chris's natural gift as a craftsman, Tom Beckbe created an essential tool for anyone serious about cooking: the Chef's Knife Roll.

The Knife Maker

Will Manning

Acclaimed knife maker Will Manning has been a craftsman his whole life. Trained as a blacksmith, Will has been perfecting the art of fine culinary tools for the better part of a decade. Creative transformation propels Heartwood Forge, Will's knife making business in Jonesborough, Tennessee, where he crafts heirloom quality knives using reclaimed and repurposed materials. Good fortune brought Will and Tom Beckbe together, and with the guidance of Chris Hastings as both chef and sportsman, Will created the ultimate collection of knives for the discerning sportsman chef.