Whiskey Raiders: The Ultimate 2022 Holiday Whiskey Gift Guide for the Imbiber in Your Life

Read: The Ultimate 2022 Holiday Whiskey Gift Guide for the Imbiber in Your Life

By David Morrow

With the holidays fast approaching, there are millions of whiskey lovers out there who need the perfect gift this year. You’re looking for something great to buy them, so we’ve got you covered with an expansive list loaded with great options for any price range. This is our 2022 Holiday Whiskey Gift Guide.

Tom Beckbe Canvas Whiskey Tote ($150)

Whiskey Gift Guide

(Photos: Tom Beckbe)

What do you get for someone who has a ton of whiskey? Something with which to transport whiskey, of course! This sleek bag from Tom Beckbe is made with waterproof materials and features leather carry handles, four exterior slip pockets and a removable divider to secure two bottles of whiskey. This bag makes it easy to bring whiskey on the go.

If you’ve got a higher budget, an even better gift idea is this bag plus a couple of bottles of whiskey to place inside of it. You can choose whichever bottles you’d like, of course, but one good option is a bottle each of Pinhook bourbon and rye (find them near you here). They’re solid, well-priced whiskeys, and the colorful wax seals that top the bottles look great poking out of a bag, adding a nice, aesthetic flair to this gift option, as seen in the below photo, which pictures Pinhook bottles in Tom Beckbe’s Canvas Tailgater bag, which is more expensive than the whiskey tote but also holds more bottles.

Whiskey Gift Guide